Dan Sindel – Plateaus

2 01 2013

Dan Sindel - Plateaus

Dear friends, I kindly ask to help me in the fight against cancer by downloading a copy of my new musical release “Plateaus” by giving a small donation using PayPal. All monies will be donated to The Cancer Research Institute to help save lives.
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21 02 2010



Complete “Canon In D” Jam Pak BUY NOW $4.99
This lesson comes with the Complete Version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D (45 pages – all 4 guitar parts) PDF Workbook and includes a quality backing track to practice the lead guitar part of the Canon in D.

**BONUS** Also included is Dan Sindel’s internationally acclaimed version of Pachelbel’s Canon, showcasing the 1st guitar part.


“A Blues” Jam Pack – 40bpm BUY NOW $1.99
Learn the 5 positions of the Blues Scale in the key of A with this easy to understand lesson and play along at a nice slow tempo of 40 Beats per minute (bpm) with the included Tab and audio files.

(Jam Pack includes 16 bit Wave Files, PDF and PROGRESSION .prog file)
More “Blues Scale Jam Packs” will be available very soon for a great price..!

*You will need PROGRESSION Software to playback the .prog file
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Dan Sindel demonstrates PROGRESSION Guitar Tab/Notation Software in this guitar lesson on seen on youtube

Basic Strumming Patterns Video Series

18 08 2009

Basic Strumming Patterns Video Series

Dan Sindel just launched an Awesome 10 part series of beginning guitar lessons on Basic Strumming Patterns!

Learn the basics of strumming patterns and counting note values. Dan walks you through the essentials step by step and works with the metronome at various tempos.

FREE PDF for this LESSON Series


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AORPETE’S Review of “Marching In”

13 02 2008


Your direction with the guitar symphonys is very unique & I am unfamiliar with any other artists that go to such extreme detail in their work to produce this level of high-quality arrangement with such complexities in the performance.

The three tracks from “Marching In” are admittedly not my usual listens in the sense of a ‘marching arrangement’… but, that being said – the detail is astounding!!!
All the guitar work sounds so strong & the richness of the harmonies are really pure & brilliantly performed from start to finish completely & convincingly with not even a wisper of fatigue despite the duration & complex attributes of each movement.Also… the percussion work is really tight giving the piece as a whole a big solid & vibrant sound. So… despite not being my usual listen (marching style-wise) this is a first rate performance & believe it could not have panned out better!!!

“Excerts From Handel’s Messiah” on the other hand is definetly in the catagory of my usual listens & as you know already my favorite or one of my favorites of yours (guitar symphony piece).

The level of detail, quality of tone & precision in the replication of orchestral instrumental parts is spot on & combined with the harpsichord part unites old with new all bringing the warmth & depth that makes this an unforgettable arrangement.

Top work on both pieces & movements – I would recommend this to anyone who love’s to hear strong instrumental & pure toned guitar work in a modern visualisation of classical architecture. 5 Stars…

Also… the CD, packaging & presentation are first rate in visuals, detail & quality – GO DAN!!!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +   

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Marching In
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AudioGraph International (AGI) Launches new site!

2 12 2007

We are proud to announce that DSS Unlimited had been chosen as the firm to act as chief architect and design the “new and exciting” website for AudioGraph International -AGI

Utilizing much of today’s cutting edge web technology DSS Unlimited was able to deliver a clean and efficient tool for AGI’s staff and student alike.



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The History of AudioGraph International

Until recently, most Spanish-speaking television productions and music recordings were created solely in American cities. With their excellent audio facilities, Los Angeles, Miami and New York reigned supreme. However, in the last few years, this trend has changed.

Once exclusively marketed to the English-speaking consumer, audio technology has now opened its door to the populated centers of Buenos Aires, San Paulo, Bogota, and Mexico City. High-end Latin American studios, facilities employing the latest in audio technology are growing steadily. Spanish recordings and productions are now taking place throughout Latin America & Spain resulting in final projects ready for consumption.

However, Latin American audio professionals, studio personnel and audio manufacturers are still finding a challenge in acquiring suitable training, equipment documentation and technology. Enter AudioGraph International. The brainchild of Jose “Chilitos” Valenzuela, an audio design engineer, author and studio professional.

After publishing his first book in 1991, entitled Descubriendo MIDI, several companies approached Chilitos wanting translations of technical documentation for their equipment. Recognizing a great need in the Latin pro audio community, he decided to expand his efforts to provide Spanish-language educational resources and with this inspired idea AudioGraph International was born.

Putting his expertise into AGI would not only provide an opportunity for Spanish-speaking audio professionals to learn the latest in technology, but it would also allow Pro Audio & Instrument manufacturers to communicate their products more effectively to their rapidly growing Spanish-speaking consumers.

Today, AudioGraph International has expanded into a multifaceted enterprise. AGI provides technical translation services for a number of Instrument and Pro Audio manufacturers, and is a bilingual Pro Audio training center, including Pro Tools authorized by Digidesign. In addition, AGI’s new production company is dedicated to producing Spanish/English musical acts as well as soundtrack/commercial scoring and post-production projects.

AudioGraph has successfully grown in the last nine years and with the forthcoming “The Complete Pro Tools Handbook” by Jose “Chilitos” Valenzuela, AGI looks forward to finding new ways to bridge the audio gap worldwide.

Audio Graph International would also like to thank the following manufacturers & professionals for their continuous & generous support: Digidesign, Euphonix, Apogee Electronics, Avalon Designs, Audio-Technica, Mackie Designs, Fostex, Korg, OmniRax, Westlake Audio, Lexicon, Steinberg, JL Cooper, Line 6, Alesis, Summit Audio, A.D.A.M., Speck Electronics, Meyer Sound, Roland, T.C. Electronic, Requisite, SLS, Shure Brothers, and Genelec among others