15 09 2011

Dan Sindel performing on lead guitar with MX MACHINE at House of Blues, Hollywood 6-7-11


Bach Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1 – Guitar Lesson

18 08 2011

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Dan Sindel is back with his Symphonic Guitar version of Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 (BWV 1007). If you are a fan of progressive rock such as ELP, Dream Theater etc… you will be to sure to love this GUITAR LESSON as well.

Learn Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 “note for note” on the guitar with the EZGTR online video series

The Complete Jam Pack Features:
Tab/Notation (PDF eBook)
*2 awesome sounding mp3’s

The mp3 you are listening to right now features the lead line and the other is a BONUS BACKING TRACK where you take the lead.

*Produced by Dan Sindel
*Guitars recorded and song mixed by Andy Haller
*Drum track created by DrumCore Software/John Tempesta Samples

Barre Chord shapes

7 07 2010

Learn the basic Barre Chord shapes http://www.ezgtr.com

Blues Scales

7 07 2010

Blues Scales

Major Pentatonic Scales

7 07 2010

Major Pentatonic Scales

EZGTR Canon guitar lessons Complete

20 05 2010
Your last 2 EZGTR Canon guitar lessons are up on YouTube!
In these final segments we study section L-N (bars 47-57)
For those who are interested we have now made the
Complete “Canon In D” Jam Pack available for purchase.


A complete list of Canon lesson segments

Basic Strumming Patterns Video Series

18 08 2009

Basic Strumming Patterns Video Series

Dan Sindel just launched an Awesome 10 part series of beginning guitar lessons on Basic Strumming Patterns!

Learn the basics of strumming patterns and counting note values. Dan walks you through the essentials step by step and works with the metronome at various tempos.

FREE PDF for this LESSON Series


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