New “Jam Pack” Guitar Lessons

23 02 2010

EZGTR is proud to announce…
New and Exciting Guitar Lessons Available For Download!

Learn the 5 positions of the Blues Scale in the key of A with this easy to understand lesson and play along with the included Tab/Grids and audio files.

(Jam Pack’s include 18 High quality (320kbps) mp3’s, 2 page PDF and *PROGRESSION .prog file)

Each mp3 is set to a drum beat so you never lose the groove..!
You get one “high quality” .mp3 per tempo/position of the scale pattern plus a bonus mp3 (one per tempo) combining ALL 5 of the scale patterns (each pattern repeating one time so you can practice the scale twice in a row).

The 2 page PDF Workbook features the Tab and Grid diagrams of the scale patterns and covers some basic music theory.

There are 4 NEW EZGTR Jam Packs you can choose from:
“A Blues” Jam Pack – Easy (3 tempos: 40, 60, 76 bpm – 18 High quality mp3’s) 99 Cents

“A Blues” Jam Pack – Intermediate (3 tempos: 96, 120, 144 bpm – 18 High quality mp3’s) 99 Cents

“A Blues” Jam Pack – Pro (3 tempos: 168, 184, 208 bpm – 18 High quality mp3’s) 99 Cents

“A Blues” Jam Pack – Complete (BEST DEAL!!! All 9 tempos – 54 High quality mp3’s) $1.99

* You will need PROGRESSION Software to playback the .prog file

** The .prog file is included as a courtesy and you do not have to have NotionMusic PROGRESSION in order to enjoy the Jam Packs.
We have included the .prog file just in case you already own a copy of PROGRESSION or if you had interest in getting a copy of the software (then you would have our master file to practice with, modify or use it as a starting point for your own exercises).

*** GOOD NEWS we can save you $20 on PROGRESSION Guitar Tab/Notation Software:
Enter promo code: EZGTRPRO




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