Dan Sindel “Marching In” EP now available at guitar9.com

9 08 2009

“Marching In” is NOW AVAILABLE at Guitar9.com!
Buy your copy today! 🙂

Find out why GUITAR PLAYER magazine calls Marching In “whacked out genius”..!

Dan Sindel `Marching In` EP/CD

Dan Sindel, a “One Man Orchestra,” recreates John Philip Sousa’s and Handel’s orchestral scores on Marching In by transposing and transcribing the compositions to accommodate the guitar’s tonal range. Hundreds of layered guitar tracks create a massive electric guitar wall of sound. This collectible “limited edition” CD features an eclectic blend of Dan’s “Symphonic Guitar” instrumental orchestrations and brings a new light to modern guitar playing and arrangement. Some of the greatest mixing engineers and producers in the music business today lent their talents to bring Dan’s unique musical vision to life including: Steve Sykes (Steve Lukather, Bon Jovi, Stanley Clarke, David Benoit), Carmen Rizzo (Prince, Coldplay, Seal, Ray Charles, Paul Oakenfold), Bruno Canale (Brian Welch of Korn, Alex Acuna). Rick Shlosser (Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, Van Morrison, Cher, Diana Ross) – percussion, Bernie Becker (Tenacious D, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond) – mastering. Marching In also features the beautifully digitally re-mastered bonus fifteen minute, three song medley “Excerpts From Handel’s Messiah”. Instrumental Guitar (Electric/Rock/Classical), total running time, 23:26




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