Save $1 on The Guitar Wheel at

23 04 2009

Save $1 on The Guitar Wheel at

enter code: ezgtr123 at checkout

The Guitar Wheel is a music theory tool designed to help you understand and visualize music theory on the guitar and piano. It is used by teachers as a teaching aid for students, individuals for personal study, or by musicians as a songwriting and composing tool.

The Guitar Wheel is the only music theory tool of its kind so enthusiastically accepted by guitarists, and endorsed by top musicians and teachers (including Dan Sindel)

Product Features

*Helps with finding the major, minor and diminished chord fingerings for every key.

*Provides a unique note map of the guitar fret board helps you see music theory on the guitar.

*Learn the major, minor, pentatonic, and blues scales in any key.

*Transpose songs and arrangements from one key to another.

… And much more! Study music theory in any key for any instrument by turning the tab.




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