Save $1 on The Guitar Wheel at

23 04 2009

Save $1 on The Guitar Wheel at

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The Guitar Wheel is a music theory tool designed to help you understand and visualize music theory on the guitar and piano. It is used by teachers as a teaching aid for students, individuals for personal study, or by musicians as a songwriting and composing tool.

The Guitar Wheel is the only music theory tool of its kind so enthusiastically accepted by guitarists, and endorsed by top musicians and teachers (including Dan Sindel)

Product Features

*Helps with finding the major, minor and diminished chord fingerings for every key.

*Provides a unique note map of the guitar fret board helps you see music theory on the guitar.

*Learn the major, minor, pentatonic, and blues scales in any key.

*Transpose songs and arrangements from one key to another.

… And much more! Study music theory in any key for any instrument by turning the tab.


Blackmore & Trower fans DIGG THIS!

20 04 2009

Dan Sindel jams on the music of Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple) and Robin Trower. Jamming in the backyard with a Line 6 Micro Spider. Shades of Highway Star, Burn and Too Rolling Stone are included in this clip.

Dan Sindel – Pachelbel Canon In D on

16 04 2009

Dan Sindel – Canon In D featured on

For a limited time Dan Sindel – How To Play Pachelbel’s Canon In D. Part 2a: Intervals will be featured on the homepage of

Pachelbel on

Pachelbel Canon in D on

In this segment we study sections A and B (bars 3-10) using both the “EZ” and “Complete” versions of the eBooks and a basic theory lesson on intervals is included.

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Dan Sindel © 2009

Dan Sindel SONUUS G2M demo featured at

15 04 2009

4.15.09 for press release
Dan Sindel SONUUS G2M demo featured at

“Symphonic Guitarist” Dan Sindel has created a very informative video for Peterson Tuners featuring their new guitar-to-MIDI converter the SONUUS G2M. In this video Dan demonstrates how to connect the G2M into a DigiDesign Digi002 Control Surface and create loops in Pro Tools LE 8.0. The electric guitar is now able to access high quality software synthesizers and virtual instruments just as a keyboard would allowing a guitarist to create thousands of new sounds.

The G2M™ is a simple-to-use, highly effective, guitar-to-MIDI converter. It is “Universal” because it doesn’t need a special pick-up mounted on your guitar, but instead simply connects to your guitar like any other effects pedal or tuner.

Designed to give accurate triggering, with low-latency, it is a true plug-and-play solution for monophonic MIDI guitar. It can be used to sequence bass lines and guitar solos add an edge to your live performances — it opens up many creative possibilities. No modifications are required to your guitar; no special pickups to install; and nothing needs to be “stuck” onto your instrument. It works with all electric guitars.

View Dan Sindel video of the SONUUS G2M on youtube