EZGTR Now on YouTube – Learn Pachelbel Canon in D Major

25 12 2008

Sign up for the free EZGTR “Canon In D” guitar lesson eBook

And study with Dan online @ YouTube


FREE TAB http://www.ezgtr.com – download the eBook and learn the Canon “note for note”. This is our “introduction video” and Dan performs his “Symphonic Guitar” arrangement of the Canon which is closer in interpretation to the way Pachelbel originally composed the piece for a string quartet.

Sign up for our Newsletter and we will send you a link to download the EZGTR PDF eBook. There are 2 free versions of the eBook to learn from!

The “EZ version” will be used during the YouTube Online Lessons and is arranged for 2 guitar parts (the main melody and bass/chords).

The “Complete version” includes all 4 guitar parts.

*Each version of the eBook has a “foundations page” (which covers some very basic theory) and a chord page (which gives you some nice alternate chords to play) to help you get a quick start.

This arrangement is intended for intermediate players but players just starting out can gain quite a lot from these lessons!

Stay tuned, part 1 should be up “very soon”, in the meantime enjoy…





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