Dan Sindel added to Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription #23

22 11 2008

Once again we are pleased to announce that the music of Dan Sindel has been added to Dr.Ducks syndicated “Guitar Prescription” Dose #23. It is an extreme honor for Dan as he is alongside such guitar greats as Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Chet Atkins, Steve Miller, Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead. The show also includes some amazing duets by Tal Farlow & Lenny Breau, Steve Vai & Ry Cooder, Liona Boyd & Steve Morse, Dick Dale & Gary Hoey, Strunz & Farah in this guitar charged Play List.

Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription Radio Show is a series of one hour celebrations of guitar players and guitar music in general – we play the most incredibly awesome guitar music in the world coming to you one right after another – with commentary, quotes, historical perspective and trivia on the evolution of guitar playing – tying it all together

Coming to you straight from out here in the desert of Las Vegas Nevada USA. – the entertainment capitol of the world !!

Dr. Duck is also the maker of Dr. Ducks Ax Wax which Dan Sindel proudly uses.




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