EZGTR – Announces Grand Opening

3 10 2008

For press release: 10/1/08

Finally, Guitar lessons can now be taught over the Internet.
“Long Distance learning” breaks all the confines of traditional music lessons
and solves many of the issues that normally surround a typical guitar lesson.

EZGTR was started by “Symphonic Guitarist” Dan Sindel with one purpose in mind, to present high quality instruction for the beginning guitarist and solve the issues that normally surround a typical guitar lesson. No longer do you have to drive half way across town to get to your lesson on time or face inviting a stranger into your home. Seem all too familiar? Long Distance learning breaks all the confines of traditional music lessons. Students can now learn the guitar virtually anywhere in the world through the use a webcam and a fast Internet connection.

EZGTR is unique in every way!
Sure there are tens of thousands of great website’s out there where you can watch pre-recorded instructional videos and learn tab and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all (and highly encouraged!)… What separates EZGTR from the rest of the pack is that your lessons are designed to meet “you” right where “you” are at on a personal level. Imagine your very own private lesson brought to you by a professional musician in the comfort of your own home through the computer.

• EZGTR Saves you time
• EZGTR Saves you gas
• EZGTR Saves you money
• EZGTR helps you reach your musical goals.

About Dan Sindel
Dan Sindel has taught professionally for over 20 years, performed for hundreds of thousands of people and has earned features in current issues of Guitar Player and Electronic Musician magazines. Dan’s unique concept; “Symphonic Guitars” has garnered international acclaim for his creative method of adapting classical arrangements to the electric and acoustic guitar. Dan has earned endorsements from some of the biggest names in musical manufactures and is also a member of ASCAP.