Dan Sindel featured on The Guitar Wheel MySpace music player!

1 09 2008

Dan Sindel – “Sinfonia” featured on The Guitar Wheel MySpace music player!

For a limited time Dan’s Symphonic Guitar music will be featured on The Guitar Wheel – Music Theory MySpace page! Hop on over, add The Guitar Wheel as your friend and show your support! http://www.myspace.com/guitarwheel

The Guitar Wheel is “A Revolutionary Music Theory Educational Tool For All Musicians”.

The Guitar Wheel is an educational tool offered by Music Master Publishing designed to help you understand and visualize music theory on the guitar and piano. “The 2 oz. reference library of music theory.” It’s two sided, flat, design is the perfect size to fit in a guitar case or a folder so you can have it ready whenever you have a question about music theory. Check out the guitar side to understand music theory for guitar, and the back side (piano side) for other instruments. It will quickly show you chords and scales in any key, chord formulas, help with transposing, and much more. It is better than other chord wheels of the past because it’s design is intrinsic to the guitar neck on the guitar side and it’s packed with way more useful information. If you are wanting to strengthen your guitar skill, or deepen you understanding of music theory, this tool can help you.

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