Visions – A personal tribute to jazz guitarist Lenny Breau

20 06 2008
**If you are into jazz guitar and have not ever heard of Lenny Breau you are probably living underneath a rock, If you are aware of Lenny Breau’s musical genius than we here at this blog highly recommend this book..!

Lenny Breau


A personal tribute to jazz guitarist

Lenny Breau

Stephen D. Anderson
Ronald Cid

The book is divided into 5 chapters ( ‘Comping chords’, ‘Harmonics’, ‘Quartal harmony’, ‘Three Against Two’ and a special chapter called ‘Dig This….’
123 pages of examples, pictures, special insights, information,
and also a terrific resource for any fingerstyle jazz player.
Each chapter reveals techniques
in such depth and insight, the clear and
precise explanations of harmony, technique, comping chords,
all add up to an inspired and creative new approach to
learning the Lenny Breau technique
For further information please e-mail
Ronald Cid
also visit:
Montreal Jazz Guitar – The music of Lenny Breau


Acoustic Guitar magazine | August:

Visions: A Personal Tribute to Lenny Breau
Guitarist Stephen D. Anderson was a close personal musical friend of late jazz fingerstyle guitarist Lenny Breau, and his insight into Breau’s style is the result of firsthand exposure to his music. Virtually every aspect of Breau’s playing is analyzed and and well-presented in this book: two-note comping, harmonics, quartal harmony, three-against-two rhythms, and more. The examples that illustrate these techniques are challenging but at the same time concise and practical. The book also includes an informative and moving interview with Anderson by Ron Cid. Intermediate/advanced guitarists with a basic grasp of jazz theory will benefit most from this in-depth exploration of Breau’s singular musical vision.
-Ron Forbes-Roberts




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