VM UNDERGROUND – Tues May 13, 08 Internet radio Interview

19 05 2008

Dan Sindel appears on the VM UNDERGROUND – Tues May 13, 08 Internet Radio Interview

Symphonic Guitarist Dan Sindel was live on the air around 8pm PST as Vic Mendoza the host of VM UNDERGROUND asked Dan to call in to his radio show for an interview…

√ Listen to the podcast here:

It was tons of fun and Dan played his guitar and showcased a few tracks from his debut EP “Marching In” and answered whatever question were thrown his way..!

The best place to tune in to the VM UNDERGROUND is:
www.v-m-u.com or www.wflmradio.com (Check for Show Times)


The VMU started in early 2004 by Vic Mendoza and webmaster Punksoup as an online e-zine for independent artists. They have also pulled together a free compilation CDR titled Detached System Complete V.1 with many great talents. Later with the loss of the webmaster and finances V.2 was never released and VM decided to pull forward and checked out other means of promotions online. He later found another temp webmaster Dave to continue as VM pressed on looking for more help. So the search begins!

Myspace was creating a huge buzz at that time so VM decided to do his promotions there. After setting up a simple profile the VMU was being flooded by many bands from around the world. With the lack of help and limited space on a profile he had to find other sources. So he searched and stumbled on a bulletin from a promoter for an online station Krush Radio. VM immediately contacted the owner Dan (Doc Nasty) of KR for promotions but was offered a Dj spot on his station. With no experience VM decided to lay low and talk with the other Krush Dj’s and the owner a bit more about cross promoting. After seeing the potential of live internet radio VM decided to give it a shot.

Late 2004 The Vm Underground Show was born! VM started working on his show with no microphone and prerecorded all his spots and trailers for the first couple months. Then webmaster Dave decided to give him a used computer mic and VM started speaking for the first time with an all music format. In Jan 2005 VM studied hard listening to other Dj’s and was surprised on hearing some of the live interviews they were broadcasting. After finding out the simple steps VM dusted off an old speaker phone from the hallway closet and tested to see if the thing still worked. Rough and lot’s of static he went on interviewing his first guest from NY Teresa from the independent rock group Kenetic. During that time he found another new temp webmaster Marleen and later during his second band interview discovered Luke Bones of Red Lipstick Death. He later added Valley of the Bones to the e-zine and became the co owner.

In early 2005 more interviews started pouring in from all over the states. VM connected with many promoters that wanted their bands booked on the show. This also created a relationship with CEO Steve Bartolone of Hollywood Music TV. VM has interviewed many talents that year and into 2006 from artists, vj’s, authors, models and independent film makers. More U.S bands from all genres of music started calling in then later Canada and Europe. The first known acts he began to interview were Dark New Day, Producer Logan Mader ex guitarist of Machinehead/Soulfly, Celldweller and Collide. This grew more attention to the VMU and more promoters wanted to be a part of the show. VM worked with many great bookers and also discovered Leslie who helped on the band schedule.

VM took every opportunity to be on the air even when there were no listeners and covered many morning and late night slots. He also opened his own stream VMU 24/7 on Live 365 that featured The Styles Zone with CJ Styles, Boozer and Reaper’s Syndustry, Random Hour with Lana Reiss and Stoney’s Big Gay Disco. After being on KR for two solid years VM decided that the format of his show wasn’t doing to well on an all music station. So he decided to syndicate to gain more listeners and fans. He continued to Dj for KR then later Doogz.net and HRRL (Hard Rock Radio Live) for the remainder of 2006. During that time VM has interviewed many great guests from Lacuna Coil, God Forbid, Canadian Models The Baker Twins, Dee Snider, Ill Nino, Mistress Juliya and much more Later he departed with KR and HRRL because of the same issues and Doogz folded his station that year and moved on to be a Dj himself on other networks. During that time VM learned the power of podcasting and the show was getting much more attention. He also prerecorded many shows off air with guests, Dj’s and Metal Sanaz. She also was a frequent guest on the live broadcast.

After departing from those stations in late 2006 VM was introduced to JB the program director of WIRN (The World Internet Radio Network) by Brandon S Hire of Hire Media and later on Pam owner of WFLM (West Florida Metal) by another online Dj. More stations joined later as time went on and VM dropped the Live 365 stream to team with WFLM also added Mike of Metal Minds Promotions as Metal Mike News. MMP booked many guests during HRRL days and was asked to continuing working with the show. In 2007 more great artists were interviewed such as Jason of God Head to Wayne of Static X. and much more. VM also in Jan 2007 dropped the online e-zine and continues as The VM Underground internet radio show. More new promoters still add to the show and VMU gained a street team/e-team




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