Guitar Players Wall

11 05 2008

dan sindel dan sindel

I got mine, now go get yours 🙂

The Guitar Players Wall

The Guitar Players Wall

Q. What is the The Guitar Players Wall?

The Guitar Players Wall (much like The Guitar Wall) is a unique resource and marketing vehicle which, in this case is being used to bring together hundreds of guitar and bass players on a group of digital walls for everyone to see, discover and connect to. The Guitar Players Wall is not a directory. It’s visual experience and it’s all right there in front of you.

The Guitar Players Wall is efficient and engaging… and, it’s organic and ongoing. Visit often to watch it grow. Discover guitar players you might not have found any other way… and, with much less effort. There’s nothing else like it in the business.

If you’re a serious guitar player, you may want to acquire your own space on one of the Walls. If so, you’ll find the cost to be extremely reasonable… and once you pay for the space (a small amount), you never pay again. You’re space never expires. You can login and edit it on demand as often as you like. Think about that!

The Guitar Players Wall

Q. How is the Wall marketed and how will I benefit?

The Guitar Players Wall will be heavily promoted throughout the GSi Guitar Network as well as through advertising and other promotional and viral activities… and word is spreading quickly as you can imagine. The Wall is an excellent long term promotional investment that will grow over time. Compare it any PPC program or banner opportunity. There’s no navigating many pages to see your wall space. Everyone is on the same page (per wall) and there’s no “missing the rotation.” Plus it’s totally novel.

There’s something for everyone… To find out how much a wall space will cost, simply click the “Select & Price Wall Space” link at the top menu. Select a wall and then simply click and drag your mouse to draw a space. The size and price for the space will be displayed above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do decide to acquire your own wall space… make sure you’ve created an account (top right corner of the Guitar Wall site)… it takes a minute (watch for the confirmation email… if you don’t get it, contact us immediately).

Once you’ve selected your space, you can upload your image or select a placeholder to lock in the space before someone else grabs it. Then you’ll fill in a URL and popup description. Pay for the space with any credit/debit card or PayPal and you’re done. You can login and edit your wall space anytime.

Q. Once I select and order my wall space, when will it show up?

Generally, this happens as soon as you complete your payment. If you do not see your wall space… please contact us immediately.

Q. What if I don’t a have a graphic image to upload?

You can choose to select one of the PLACEHOLDERS for your space to lock it in. Then just come back anytime, log in and change out your image and description as often as you want. It’s easy.

Or, you can ask us to make an image for you for which there is no cost. No that’s deal.

Q. Can I change my wall space image later on?

Yes. You can log into your account and replace any image anytime as well as change your description and other information.

Q. Is there a minimum purchase?

Yes. 100 x 100-pixel blocks are the standard increment. The maximum size of a single wall space is 300 x 400 pixels, or 3 x 4 blocks. You can acquire more than one space, but that’s the maximum for one.

Q. Is there a tutorial for all this?

Absolutely… Click HERE

“The Wall is Efficient, Engaging, Organic and Ongoing…”




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