AORPETE’S Review of “Marching In”

13 02 2008

Your direction with the guitar symphonys is very unique & I am unfamiliar with any other artists that go to such extreme detail in their work to produce this level of high-quality arrangement with such complexities in the performance.

The three tracks from “Marching In” are admittedly not my usual listens in the sense of a ‘marching arrangement’… but, that being said – the detail is astounding!!!
All the guitar work sounds so strong & the richness of the harmonies are really pure & brilliantly performed from start to finish completely & convincingly with not even a wisper of fatigue despite the duration & complex attributes of each movement.Also… the percussion work is really tight giving the piece as a whole a big solid & vibrant sound. So… despite not being my usual listen (marching style-wise) this is a first rate performance & believe it could not have panned out better!!!

“Excerts From Handel’s Messiah” on the other hand is definetly in the catagory of my usual listens & as you know already my favorite or one of my favorites of yours (guitar symphony piece).

The level of detail, quality of tone & precision in the replication of orchestral instrumental parts is spot on & combined with the harpsichord part unites old with new all bringing the warmth & depth that makes this an unforgettable arrangement.

Top work on both pieces & movements – I would recommend this to anyone who love’s to hear strong instrumental & pure toned guitar work in a modern visualisation of classical architecture. 5 Stars…

Also… the CD, packaging & presentation are first rate in visuals, detail & quality – GO DAN!!!

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