Dan Sindel featured: hardradio.com/shockwaves Podcast 28 – NAMM 2008 Episode

26 02 2008

The NAMM 2008 Episode.

Host Bob Nalbandian conducts interviews live from the NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA. This episode is jam packed with interviews from a variety of rock/metal artists including: David Ellefson (F5, Temple of Brutality, Iron Steel), Gene Hoglan (Forbidden, Strapping Young Lad), Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot), Dennis Casey (Flogging Molly), Juan Garcia (Agent Steel), Ron Keel (Keel, Steeler), Mike Stone (Queensryche), DC4, Joe Floyd (Warrior), Dan Sindel and metal journalist/author Joel McIver.

Thank you Bob..!

**Dan’s interview closes out the show about 66 minutes in but “LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE SHOW” as there are some amazing bands and artists that you do not want to miss..!)

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Endorsee Dan Sindel is “Marching In” with GHS/Rocktron

25 02 2008

“Do the math” 500 guitar tracks/17 guitars = A lot of strings

Symphonic Guitars..!

What if the Classical Masters had access to Electric Guitars, Amps, Fuzz Boxes, Wah Wah pedals, Digital Delays, Flangers, Multi-track Hard Disk Recording Devices, Computers and other various Digital Sound Processing toys”?Dan Sindel, a “One Man Orchestra,” recreates orchestral scores by transposing and transcribing the compositions to accommodate the guitar’s tonal range…. Hundreds of layered guitar tracks create a massive guitar “Wall of Sound”…

Dan grew up playing music. At the age of 9 he started playing the trumpet and moved on to learn the trombone and French horn playing in various Jr. High and High School Orchestras, Concert Bands and yes even the Marching Band. The transition to the electric guitar was made at the age of 14 when Dan first heard Led Zeppelin and he has been making a “joyful noise” ever since.

Winter NAMM in Anaheim was a success as Dan hit the ground running by performing at various booths playing along to a few selections from “Marching In: The NAMM 2008 Sampler” which is Dan’s debut CD released in advance to his upcoming full-length opus “Marching In: A Tribute to the March King John Philip Sousa.” These recordings are a result of Dan’s pure fascination of his love of music and his intense desire to broaden his musical scope. While experimenting with unique multi-tracking techniques; working with a blend of new and old technologies, Dan has produced a myriad of sonic possibilities. It is Dan’s desire that you, the listener, will appreciate the interpretation and treatment given as the electric and acoustic guitars and various other stringed instruments are the main focus.

Dan’s “Symphonic Guitars” concept and paying “homage” to a fantastic selection of John Philip Sousa´s (one of the greatest and respected American composers of all time) most famous arrangements is a sure fit and we trust you will love the way Dan thinks “outside the box” and brings a new light to modern guitar playing and arrangement.Some of the greatest mixing engineers and producers in the music business today lent their talents to bring Dan’s unique musical vision to life including:

» Steve Sykes (Steve Lukather, Bon Jovi, Stanley Clarke, David Benoit)
» Carmen Rizzo (Prince, Coldplay, Seal, Ray Charles, Paul Oakenfold)
» Khaliq Glover (Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Herbie Hancock, Joss Stone)
» Bruno Canale (Brian Welch of Korn, Alex Acuna)
» Bernie Becker (Tenacious D, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond)
» Rick Shlosser (Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, Van Morrison, Cher, Diana Ross) was onboard to play the percussion and altogether they have truly brought Dan’s “Symphonic Guitars” to new heights making listening to “Marching In” an incredible journey!
» Disc features the beautifully digitally re-mastered bonus 15 minute, 3 song medley Excerpts From Handel’s Messiah”

**Dan states: “I have been playing GHS Boomers forever and refuse to accept any substitutions… Becoming part of the GHS Family is a dream come true and I am completely honored that they believe in me as an artist..!”

Marching In

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Pick up a copy today while supplies last http://cdbaby.com/cd/dansindel

For additional information or to schedule an interview contact: press@dansindel.us

Also be sure to visit:

**Check out the video footage from Dan’s performances at NAMM 08 at the TBD booth…
(Sound is not great, lol as it came from a little camera) but it is fun!!!http://www.youtube.com/DanSindel

Dan Sindel – Live At NAMM – YouTube

21 02 2008

Dan Sindel – Live at Winter NAMM (Fri Jan 18, 2008)

Video??? yes we have video!!!

“Symphonic Guitar” performances of Semper Fi & The Washington Post

Dan Sindel endorses Seymour Duncan Pickups

20 02 2008

 Dan Sindel endorses Seymour Duncan Pickups

For Press Release: 02/19/08
Yet another exciting day as Dan Sindel joins the Seymour Duncan “family of artists”..!

Dan states: “Ever since I was a kid I was reding Guitar Player magazine and one day saw I this small little ad that said something like ‘send me your pickups and I will give you any sound you want’ so without thinking twice I ripped my pickups out of my 68′ SG, sent them in and had Seymour custom rewind them for me. Seymour Duncan pickups have been an integral part of my sound ever since 1983 … NO Seymour, NO Me..!

It is an absolute “honor and a half” to be accepted on to the team as there was a pretty tough screening process to go through and the day I found out that I made the cut was quite the celebration…”


Dan Sindel – Frankenstein Jr. receives airplay on KWTF

20 02 2008

Frankenstein Jr. receives airplay on KWTF

For press release:

Dan Sindel’s hard hitting monstrous track “Frankenstein Jr.” from his “Experiments In Sound” EP debuted on the internet radio monster KWTF this evening on the ever popular DaveSoftee’s “A Journey Into Sound” program. Dan states: “it is an honor to be played on KWTF as they are a very electric station to say the least..! They are turning up the volume where most dare not go..!”

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AORPETE’S Review of “Marching In”

13 02 2008


Your direction with the guitar symphonys is very unique & I am unfamiliar with any other artists that go to such extreme detail in their work to produce this level of high-quality arrangement with such complexities in the performance.

The three tracks from “Marching In” are admittedly not my usual listens in the sense of a ‘marching arrangement’… but, that being said – the detail is astounding!!!
All the guitar work sounds so strong & the richness of the harmonies are really pure & brilliantly performed from start to finish completely & convincingly with not even a wisper of fatigue despite the duration & complex attributes of each movement.Also… the percussion work is really tight giving the piece as a whole a big solid & vibrant sound. So… despite not being my usual listen (marching style-wise) this is a first rate performance & believe it could not have panned out better!!!

“Excerts From Handel’s Messiah” on the other hand is definetly in the catagory of my usual listens & as you know already my favorite or one of my favorites of yours (guitar symphony piece).

The level of detail, quality of tone & precision in the replication of orchestral instrumental parts is spot on & combined with the harpsichord part unites old with new all bringing the warmth & depth that makes this an unforgettable arrangement.

Top work on both pieces & movements – I would recommend this to anyone who love’s to hear strong instrumental & pure toned guitar work in a modern visualisation of classical architecture. 5 Stars…

Also… the CD, packaging & presentation are first rate in visuals, detail & quality – GO DAN!!!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +   

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Marching In
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Valentine’s Day – Give the gift of music!

8 02 2008

Valentines Day!
Give the gift of music!

Hear Dan Sindel’s “Symphonic Guitars” arrangement ofMy Funny Valentine  
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