Dan Sindel – Winter NAMM Wrap-Up (pt.1)

22 01 2008

Winter NAMM Wrap-Up
For Press Release: 01/21/08Dan’s CD Signing & Live Performance (Fri, Januay 18th & Sat 19th 1:30 p.m.) at TBD’s booth was a great success!!!

All who came by the TBD Booth had a chance to meet Dan in person and get a “FREE” Collector’s “Marching In” Advance Release Sampler CD!!! as well as watch him perform to a few John Philip Sousa favorites.

namm08 tbd

Dan states: “I am quite grateful of the hospitably of the TBD and Line6 teams and most appreciative of the invite. In my humble opinion the event was very pleasing to say the least as well as a great opportunity to share my music with so many people. LOL, it sure seemed all the good folks working the registration area had taken an opportunity to enjoy themselves as well for a few seconds when we “struck up the band” and I played my guitar along to my Sousa interpretations, playing at NAMM is a dream come true for me.”




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