Dan Sindel collabs with Ron Denny (Engine11)

3 08 2007

As of late I have been sharing the works of some great musician friends of mine and now it is time to introduce to you yet another fantastic musician/songwriter friend of mine whom I have had the pleasure of collaborating with…

Ladies and Gentlemen…. Mr. Ron Denny (Engine11) 

I met Ron via http://www.dmusic.com/ and must say he has great songwriting skills and writes very thought provoking lyrics.

I was asked some time ago to overlay lead guitar tracks to his “Nightingale Song” 
To me, this song has sort of a Dylan meets Collective Soul kind of a thing and it is a song that moves in many different directions… get your groove on and give it a listen

You can hear more of Ron’s work over at his DMusic page http://e11.dmusic.com/music/

Stop on by and say hello..!

While you’re at it you can hear a ton of my “Symphonic Guitar” demo work over at DMusic as well as a bunch of other collabs with stellar musicians from all over the globe: http://dsindel.dmusic.com/music/

Dmusic.com is now your one-stop shop for independent musicians!
They offer hosting, legal, design, production, and distribution services to help you get your music to sound, look, and be professional.

Take a look around and see what they have to offer!





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