TIM SANDERS: Blue Collar Girls – Now Available at CD Baby

27 07 2007

I would like to take the the time to introduce you to yet another fantastic artist that I happen to personally know and proud to call my friend… Mr. Tim Sanders!

Let me tell you, Tim just Rocks..! Tim’s styles range from prog rock, delta blues, and some serious jazz fusion influences.
You need to hear his music, Say No More..!

Support the Independent Musician REvolution!!!
Buy his CD and you can also hear a great collection of his tunes at DMusic

Tim Sanders

TIM SANDERS: Blue Collar Girls – Now Available at CD Baby

Blue Collar Girls

As a matter of fact here is a great photo of me and Tim from July 2006 when Tim came to Los Angeles:
Dan Sindel and Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders Bio:
Every since Tim can remember he’s always had an intense passion for music. Like most he grew up listening to Motown and was truly inspired but what really did it for him were sounds like Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song”, John Coltrane’s version of “My Favorite Things” and the soundtrack of “The Westside Story”. You see his older sisters were the main suppliers of the music he was exposed to early on. As a result Tim was introduced to a healthy myriad not to mention styles of music. Mind you he still grooves to several genres but truth be told at heart he’s a straight up rocker. Originally Tim was homegrown in Philadelphia, PA as for now he’s anchored in Leesburg, VA.“Through internalizing I discovered music as an excellent means of self- expression and a positive outlet for creativity, the rest as they say is history”. Foremost is his guitar; he currently has a Stratocaster and a Takamine G series acoustic. Additionally he plays keyboards, in particular an Alesis QS 6.1. To piece it all together he runs Logic Audio Pro and Reason on his MAC G5 computer. When Tim needs to take “his band” on the road he packs it all up in his iBook. As a rule he doesn’t listen to mainstream artists. All the music he downloads comes from artists that generally speaking most people will never hear. In his opinion, there are TONS of great indie and unsigned stuff on the Net that are just as entertaining if not more so.

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