GuitarPoints – Press Release

27 06 2007

For Immediate Release (if not sooner) 
GuitarPoints let’s players, producers, vendors bid for audience attention 

COSTA MESA CA—(June 26, 2007) – 314 Network, the Costa Mesa, CA-based media group announced the launch of another innovative Web property called GuitarPoints ( The initial part of the property just released is Connections, which is the first quick-find directory that let’s players, producers, vendors, manufacturers and service providers bid for audience attention.

GuitarPoints:Connections offers visitors the opportunity to quickly find guitar and bass-related web resources (Connections) including players and producers in a novel format that encourages bidding (for points) by the “Connection” owners for the most visible directory positions.

One of several interesting aspects of GuitarPoints:Connections is the fact that anyone can place a bid on any Connection listed on the site. Individual Connections do not require a unique login to perform any management functions since the only additional functionality offered is bidding for better positioning. As new bids are placed, they are added to the current bid for the Connection, thus increasing the position. Leading Connections appear in featured locations on GuitarPoints.

“All of these properties are designed to create a truly different, but nonetheless beneficial and enjoyable experience for all participants,” said producer/publisher, Jeffrey D Brown. “They all offer a unique level of engagement for the audience as well as for sponsors and advertisers. Plus, it’s incredibly cost effective.”

GuitarPoints was created and developed by Brown and 314 Network, a developer of online media who, together, recently launched another creative group of properties that includes among them, The Guitar Wall ( The Guitar Wall is a unique iconic vehicle, which is being used to bring together hundreds of guitar-related companies, products and services on a common wall (of pixels) for everyone to see, explore and connect to.

GuitarPoints will be adding additional components in the coming weeks and will be closely integrated with The Guitar Wall. 

About Jeffrey D Brown 

Much of Jeffrey D Brown’s 25-year career in the media, advertising, music and tradeshow industries has been spent in senior management positions at the corporate level. At the same time, he has frequently tackled creative challenges as a producer, publisher, writer and designer. He is the founder of 314 Network.

About 314 Network 

The firm is known for the development and rapid deployment of upscale, high-end, small-footprint, wide-angle, low-maintenance, people-centric, business-related eMedia properties geared for personal use in a professional environment… among other things.


Jeffrey D Brown

Founder and Managing Director


Fax 714-754-4441




see  GuitarPoints in action….


Dan Sindel – Symphonic Guitars
Symphonic Guitar Driven Classics – Mp3s, Podcasts – The Official WebSite


Good News! Anyone (and we mean anyone!) can add to the bid for this Connection to increase its position. Your new (additional) bid will be added on to the current bid for this link, the total of which will determine the new Connection position. Remember, you get 1 point for every $1 bid. <<




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