GuitarPoints Connection – Good News!

27 06 2007

Dan Sindel – Symphonic Guitars
Symphonic Guitar Driven Classics – Mp3s, Podcasts – The Official WebSite

Good News! Anyone (and we mean anyone!) can add to the bid for this Connection to increase its position. Your new (additional) bid will be added on to the current bid for this link, the total of which will determine the new Connection position. Remember, you get 1 point for every $1 bid. <<

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GuitarPoints Connection is the first quick-find directory in the guitar world that allows vendors and service providers of all kinds to bid for your attention! It’s that simple.

GuitarPoints is another unique property created and developed by producer/publisher, Jeffrey D Brown and 314 Network for guitar players and guitar-related companies and organizations.

For vendors, service providers, and even players, it’s an easy way to acquire and “bid” on links (if you so choose). Our directory displays relevant links both alphabetically AND by category, and lets you bid your way to the top of the list (if you so choose). With a starting bid of just $3, you are guaranteed a spot in the GuitarPoints directory! You’ll never have pay again if you don’t want to.

Increase your bid to invoke a higher (or top) position, and not only will your link list higher in the directory, but you could join our Top 10 Link Leaders on the homepage.

Why Acquire a Position Here?

For one thing, links get results. Link popularity is one of the most important factors in search engine performance. Second, but no less important… GuitarPoints is part of one of the most inventive media brands in the industry. We are unique and innovative in both our content and marketing strategies. And, we are a trusted member of the industry and the information we provide to our audience is credible.

It’s well known that by increasing the number of links to your Web site, you can get your site listed higher in search engine results, bring more visitors to your site, increase your Google PageRank and improve your site’s overall strength… oh, and… create more and better business for you.

For only $3 you can acquire a link and get listed and be a part of this unique property now. Your site will thank you! And we thank you for your participation.

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