Dan Sindel – Podcast #8 – Better Living Through Chemistry

18 06 2007

Dan Sindel “Symphonic Guitars” Podcast #8 –
“Better Living Through Chemistry”

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Dan Sindel - Podcast #8 - Better Living Through Chemistry

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This episode features Pachelbel’s most famous “Canon in D Major” and the beloved traditional Irish Melody “Danny Boy.”

For those of you not familiar with my “Symphonic Guitars” concept, what I like to do is transpose and transcribe Orchestral Scores to fit the guitars tonal range, layering guitar tracks creating a massive electric guitar “Wall of Sound”. It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun..!

First up is Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major”! (no this is not Canon Rock… LOL )
Pachelbel was a German Baroque composer and I have interpreted the string quartet instrumentation with more than 50 multi-track overdubs utilizing Acoustic and electric guitars…

Closing today’s show is the traditional Irish Melody “Danny Boy”! AKA Londonderry Air.
In the second and third sections you will be hearing a culmination of at least 90 tracks of guitar..!

It has been a very busy past few months and I would like to persoanlly Thank GHS/Rocktron, Peterson Tuners, Visual Sound and Godin Guitars for all their wonderful product endorsements and for believing in me as an artist!”

And as always, Thank you for listening and be sure to visit www.dansindel.us for Symphonic Guitar Driven Classics – Mp3’s, Videos and More…

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