Have you seen “The Guitar Wall” www.TheGuitarWall.com

22 05 2007

Calling all bands and guitarists..!
We would like to share with all of you a very cool, affordable and unique way to advertise.
The Guitar Wall, the official pixel property for guitar players and products…
Check it out www.TheGuitarWall.com

My friend  Jeffrey D Brown is a very imaginative fellow who immerses himself in technology is pleased to announce the “Grand Opening” of The Guitar Wall.


DanSindel_SymphonicGuitars  hey I got mine up on “the Guitar Wall”..!       😀

Simply put, The Guitar Wall is a unique iconic advertising, linking and promotion vehicle that allows viewers to find all kinds of useful graphic links to people and websites of interest in a very novel format. For advertisers, it’s an inexpensive, but effective way to create additional, credible back links to their business or personal site.

The cost to participate is minimal considering the exposure and time frame (one year) as well as the novelty factor. Visitors come back often to watch the wall grow and can’t help but click on images out of pure curiosity much of the time.

The Guitar Wall is supported by the GW Blog (accessible on the Wall) and the GW Forum will be launching in a couple of days. Merchandise is sure to follow.

The Guitar Wall was developed by producer/publisher Jeffrey D Brown (also a producer of GuitarXPO coming in September to the Long Beach Convention Center) who’s Web portfolio includes several other guitar-related sites (www.JeffreyDBrown.com)

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