Dan Sindel Proudly Plays GHS/Rocktron!

6 04 2007

Dan Sindel Proudly Plays GHS/Rocktron!Dan Sindel Proudly Plays GHS/Rocktron

(Apr 04, 2007) Yet again an exciting day as Dan Sindel becomes part of the GHS Strings/Rocktron Technology family of artists.

After another ground breaking introduction at the 07′ Winter NAMM show Dan was instantly impressed by the professionalism of the company!

Dan states: “This is what dreams are made of..! I have been playing GHS Boomers forever and refuse to accept any substitutions… Becoming part of the GHS Family is a dream come true and I am completely honored that they believe in me as an artist and I truly look forward to a very exciting working relationship with GHS”


About GHS:
Since 1964 GHS has manufactured the highest quality guitar strings available. GHS strings are used by professional musicians and amateur hobbyists who want the best sound from their strings possible. Whatever your tastes, from bright crunching rock to a mellow, bluesy sound, we have the right strings for you. Our famous “Brightness Bar” found on select packages of strings, will show you what strings produce which kinds of tone.

GHSstrings.com is more than a place to just surf around, it’s a place to get expert information about strings, calculate string tensions,read technical documentation about strings, find a local dealer, read product information, check out artists who play GHS Strings, and more!

GHS produces a full line of strings for fretted instruments – electric, acoustic and classical guitar; electric bass; banjo; mandolin; pedal and steel guitar and much more. All GHS products are manufactured with one objective – to provide players around the world with products that continually exceed their expectations.

The founders of GHS had a wealth of string making experience when they started the small family-owned business in 1964. Now – after thirty-five years, GHS has grown to one of the leading manufacturers in this music specialty. GHS is staffed with dedicated personnel trained and experienced in string technology. By combining its years of experience and its reputation for quality GHS will continue to provide strings for players everywhere for many years to come. When looking for performance from your strings – look to GHS – the Strings Specialists.

About Rocktron:

The concept behind Rocktron has always been to deliver quality sound to the guitar player through exciting and often very innovating products. Many of the Rocktron products seek to marry a vintage style to modern technology and bear the mark of actual longtime musicians who understand and appreciate the needs of guitar players and then design and develop products accordingly

Rocktron launched in 1983 when founder, Bob Waller, along with co-hort Jim Chowning and others stepped back from a long musical career that included stints on the Hollywood club circuit and the Detroit to Toronto circuit. Using their background from years of club and concert appearances with their rock bands (The Blame, and originally Wildwood), the boys decided to launch a company aimed at producing top quality signal processing, amplification and effects.

Rocktron’s first hit product was the HUSH® noise reduction lineup. The HUSH technology was the first single-ended noise reduction designed specifically for guitar. Over twenty years later, HUSH stands as the industry standard and has been used by an amazing plethora of guitar greats spanning 80s rockers to today’s extreme metal. To list the famous users of this outstanding noise reduction technology would require pages and pages of names.

In fact, over the years Rocktron products of all types have been used by professional guitarists. A small sampling of those include Dave Mustaine, Brian May, Diamond Darrell, George Lynch, Prince, Neil Schon, Slash, Steve Stevens, Eddie Van Halen, John Petrucci, Viv Campbell, Steve Vai, Gary Moore, Gary Hoey. The list of bands that have used Rocktron products include Disturbed, Lamb of God, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Papa Roach, Black Sabbath, Queen, Taproot, Pearl Jam, U2, Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, and the Deftones. Again, this is just a small sampling of the long list of professionals who have taken Rocktron products on the road and into the studio.

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2 responses

6 04 2007

Thank you Ben, Dave and Chris..!

Dan Sindel

13 04 2007

That’s an impressive line up of users!

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