Pro Tools expert Jose ‘Chilitos’ Valenzuela – Teleseminar March 21, 6pm

21 03 2007

Jose ‘Chilitos’ Valenzuela has agreed to do a teleseminar on Wednesday evening March 21 at 6pm Pacific Time with Grammy Winning Engineer Khaliq Glover.

and go to to sign up for the call.

Complete Pro Tools Handbook     The Complete Pro Tools Shortcuts

Chilitos is a well renouned Pro Tools expert and certified trainer.
Chilitos is the author of  ‘The Complete Pro Tools Handbook’  and ‘The Complete Pro Tools Shortcuts’ as well as musician, producer, and engineer.Chilitos has been there since the very beginning with Digidesign and Pro Tools before it was even called Pro Tools (ever heard of Sound Tools?). He’ll share some insider tips and tricks that will help you work faster, better, and with the least amount of effort. There will be tons of content. Tell all your musician friends
(especially engineers and producers) to register to attend.
Sign up and an email will arrive with directions on how to access the call.
Don’t forget, that’s Wednesday evening, March 21, at 6pm pacific time.
Don’t miss the call.

José “Chilitos” Valenzuela also runs a school called AudioGraph International

For further information about Bilingual Pro Tools Training, Chilitos’ books, other audio courses and any other service that AudioGraph International offers,
please contact José “Chilitos” Valenzuela at:
2103 Main Street,
Santa Monica, CA 90405
o Tel: (310) 396-5004
o Fax (310) 396-5882
o E-mail:




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