7 Insider Audio Secrets for Your NEXT HIT SONG! by Khaliq Glover

30 12 2006

As a musican and aspiring “Audio Engineer”, I would like to introduce a good friend of mine (if you do not already know about him … LOL)
Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Khaliq Glover..!

Khaliq Glover
Khaliq Glover (also known as Khaliq-O-Vision) is a Grammy Winning Recording Engineer (2001 – Marcus Miller/M2), Producer and Songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. He began working for Kenny Rogers at Lion Share Studios from 1982 through 1986 as an apprentice to learn engineering from the top engineers in the music industry (such as Humberto Gatica, Tommy Vicari, and John Guess). He soon became a 1st engineer on records by Jermaine Jackson, Donna Summer, Kenny Rogers, Jeffrey Osborne, and many others.

He was also one of the many engineers to participate on the “We Are The World” project produced by Quincy Jones with an all star cast including Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, and many more…

Khaliq received a Grammy Award in 2001-2002 for the legendary Bassist/Producer Marcus Miller’s M2 album and has received Participation Certificates as a Producer and Engineer for some Grammy nominated albums (see below). He also did recording and mixing on the album “Beautiful World” by 7 time Grammy Award winning vocal group Take 6 (produced by Marcus).

Recent projects include working with Prince, and Justin Timberlake, as well as doing engineering and production duties for Herbie Hancock including his collaboration CD “Possibilities” with artists such as John Mayer, Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder, Santana, Sting, Brian Eno, Annie Lennox and others and also Herbie’s “Future To Future” album and “Future To Future-Live” DVD.

Other clients include Smokey Robinson, Jeffrey Osborne, B2K, Narada Michael Walden, Kenny Lattimore, Faith Evans, Theolonious Monk Institute of Jazz, and more.

Khaliq-O-Vision recorded, mixed, and produced on Jeffrey Osborne’s Grammy Nominated album “That’s For Sure” in 2000 – 2001 and produced 2 albums for the “Rance Allen Group“. The first album, entitled “Phenomenon”, logged 15 weeks at #1 in Billboard on the contemporary gospel chart and that album was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1991 and also the follow up album entitled “You Make Me Wanna Dance”.

KOV 7 Insider Audio Secrets

**Now that you now know a little bit about Khaliq, “I wanted to share some information with you…”
If you are like me,  a musician and aspiring “Audio Engineer”, who owns some type of a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), whether it be Digidesign Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase or Nuendo, Cakewalk Sonar, Adobe Audition (formely Cool Edit Pro), Sony ACID , Apple GarageBand or any one of the myriad of choices out there, chances are you are relatively new to the game and dream of a day when your music sounds close to what the ‘big boys’ are cooking up in the major studios..!

Well, both you and I know there is no ‘magic formula’ for making that happen and the only way to get your music sounding great is to
a) Hire a professional engineer who has the skills or
b) “do the time” and hone your skills through countless hours of trial and error.

Either approach is fine depending on the circumstances and how much of a “do-it-yourself” person you really are..! I know I try my best to wrap my mind around concepts such as; when to use compression, limiting and overall EQ and somedays I feel like my brain will explode being that these are all “time-honored” skills and for the most part, just do not become part of your bag of tricks unless you experiment, seek answers and “do the work”.

Khaliq just put out an eBook called 7 Insider Audio Secrets for Your NEXT HIT SONG! and needless to say Khaliq’s book answered just about every issue that has confronted me while working in the digital realm.

While working on my “symphonic guitar” arrangements, I end up with “a lot” of guitar tracks and managing all the different voices can be rather daunting and Khaliq shares some great information on “Trusting your instincts and not second-guessing yourself”, “improving the clarity of the most important parts of the song” and lot’s of great tips on how to ‘think’ like a pro engineer… which is where most ‘how-to’ recipe books fall short…

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to make there music sound better!

Not to mention, I feel humbled and honored that Khaliq asked me to provide a testimonial on his eBook which you can listen to on his homepage http://www.khaliq-o-vision.com/

Stop on over and say hello to Khaliq and sign up for his free eBook while you still can..!

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