Dan Sindel featured on Homegrown PodCast 6

21 12 2006

Dan Sindel featured on Homegrown PodCast 6

Today we are going back into the time machine. 
As of one year ago from this writing I was included in Nic Treadwell’s Homegrown PodCast series #6. The reason I bring this out of the archives is for the mere fact I wanted to let you know about Nic’s fantastic work in the Podcasting community just in case you are not already familiar with it.
Homegrown at this point in time is at the 58th episode and no signs of slowing down!

My song Ole’ was featured and it is a song loosely based on the popular Spanish Traditional melody of Malaguena and it is one of my very first attempts at recording with my Digidesign Pro Tools LE system.

As usual, the project includes an array of clean and distorted electric guitars. On this track I chose to use my ’68 Gibson SG as well as my Agile AS-820 (Gibson 335 clone).
** click here for a direct mp3 download of Ole’

Nic talks about his show:
HomeGrown is a weekly podcast dedicated to new unsigned, unpublished, under-represented independent music, poetry and prose.  All material used in the programme is Podcast Friendly , permission being sought from artists to use their material before inclusion. The programme is presented by me, Nic Treadwell, I live in Birmingham UK. I prefer the a laid back kind of late night feel radio, and thats what I am hoping to achieve here. I also aim to make the show personal by adding my own humour and inane observations on life. I want the show to be truely interactive so if you are an artist and have music or prose that you want to expose, please feel free to post them to me. Or point me in the direction of your music mp3 downloads and Ill use them in a future show. If you have poetry or prose and can record yourself reciting it, please also send Mp3’s of those. I look forward to receiving your contributions. And I hope you enjoy the programmes.

HomeGrown Podcast: http://homegrownpodcast.co.uk/

Please support HomeGrown at these sites:
Podcast Charts, UK Podcasts, Yahoo Podcasts
Direct download: homegrown_prog6.mp3

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