Guitar Lessons with Ted Greene – “The Flintsones” sound clip

19 12 2006

Ted Greene

Guitar Lessons – In Memory of Ted Greene “The Chord Chemist” part3 

This is the “first” in the series of clips I will share with all you fine, friendly folks..!

I have many hours of Guitar Lessons with Ted on cassette tape and am in the process of digitally archiving them and will continue to add to the library for those who “miss his voice” and for those who never had the honor to meet Ted.

*The cassette tapes were seriously plagued with “tape hiss” and I did my best to reduce some of the background noise with a great Pro Tools plug-in called BIAS SoundSoap

“The Flintsones” 3_23_04 (playing time 5:20)
This is the perfect illustration of how much fun it was to spend time with Ted!
Here Ted asks me to goof around a little bit and play the lead lines to the Flintsones whilst he adds “Companion Chords” and then the jamming (and fun) begins…



Thank you for listening and be sure to visit for Guitar Driven Classics – Mp3’s, Videos and More…

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One response

2 01 2007

Man, we should exchange links. My site is all about guitar as well. Good Idea with the online lessons. That is sweet.

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