Guitar Lessons – In Memory of Ted Greene “The Chord Chemist” part2

17 12 2006

Ted Greene - The Chord Chemist 

In Memory of Ted Greene
(The Chord Chemist) – Legendary Jazz Guitarist
Sept. 26, 1946 – July 26, 2005

Welcome to part 2 of my Guitar Lesson section and this  example is also from my “first guitar lesson with Ted Greene” on January 13, 1983…
The information presented here is quite rudimentary but nonetheless extremely importatnt to learn as the ‘shapes’ snap together like puzzle pieces and help you visualize and unlock many new avenues on the fretboard.

The 5 main areas of the Fingerboard:Root in Bass Voicings   

“first guitar lesson with Ted Greene” - Dan SindelTo see the full lesson sheet either click the thumbnail or click here to go directly to my site

The emphasis of the lesson is learning to visualize shapes and patterns even if you can not quite yet form the shapes on the guitar.

The 5 main areas of the Fingerboard are broken up into three main sections:
Major – Minor and Dominant 7 and all voicings are presented with Root in the bass.

The Blues scale and the Pentatonic (5 note) scale are also presented correlating to each main chord shape. And as an extra bonus (bottom right corner in red pen) Ted instructed me that when approaching the blues/pentatonic scales and play 2, 3 and 4 note “adjacent string voicings” an Oriental sound could be produced.
I reach back in my memory and remember Ted demonstrating this technique and it sounded sooooooooooooooooooo good!

As always… It was quite the challenge to complete the excercise and if you the ‘practicing musician’ choose to go to my site and print the lesson sheet and study the concept it would be well worth the time and effort.

**for extra points (time permitting of course – follow Ted’s sagely advice and cycle through the keys and become familiar with each key center and tonality

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