Dan Sindel collaborates with “Aeterno Flamma”

9 12 2006


Dan Sindel collaborates with “Aeterno Flamma” on Struggling to Survive“..!

DMusic (“The Independent Digital Music Community”)
is a hotbed for musical collaborations and networking for musicians!

DMusic I have met and worked with many a fine artist on DMusic and this is the first of a series that will spotlight the work I have contributed on other musician’s music.

My newst musical outing is with “Aeterno Flamma”
t-aeterno_flamma.pngAeterno Flamma is the everlasting fire that burns within lighting a path that ignites a range of emotions from hope to hopelessness. It is music that inspires one to look beyond the horizon to see the depths of our soul.

Aeterno Flamma is the solo artist Frank Tucker who fuses music styles to define his own. You will find a dynamic range with a fusion of jazz and ambience to drum and bass with ambience. He started as the artist formerly known as BlueNevus. As his music matured, so did his direction into a focus that is now known as this everlasting flame. It is this illumination from which he found that inspires the direction of Aeterno Flamma.

As I normally do on DMusic is listen to other artist’s music and leave a review/comment on their work and Frank’s song called “Struggling to Survive completely grabbed my attention as an instrumental, spy thriller soundtrack type of an arrangement and I asked if I may play some guitar tracks on top of this stellar song and to my delight Frank agreed and sent me an uncompressed 16bit/44.1 Wave file via http://www.yousendit.com/ to work with…

Needless to say, I grabbed my trusty Agile AS-820 (Gibson 335 clone) and ‘got busy’…

I ended up laying down 6 unique (stereo pairs) tracks, ranging from clean to ultra distorted tones from my Line6 Flextone III amp as I recorded direct into Digidesign’s ProTools LE.

I always feel like I am walking on eggshells whilst playing over other peoples music albeit I am very happy with the results on this track and here is the direct link to the DMusic page of Aeterno Flamma where you the listener can stream the mp3 in ‘lo-fi’ or ‘hi-fi’ or even download it if you so desire, hey you can even “sign up for free” and interact with one of the best music communities out there..!

direct link:

Aeterno Flamma – main music page:

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