Guitar Lessons – In Memory of Ted Greene “The Chord Chemist” part1

5 12 2006

In Memory of Ted Greene (The Chord Chemist) 

 In Memory of Ted Greene
(The Chord Chemist) – Legendary Jazz Guitarist
Sept. 26, 1946 – July 26, 2005

He was my teacher and “friend”…

For over 20 years (on and off) I had studied with Ted and he was such an outstanding and amazingly intellectual person and we would talk for hours after my lesson was over about many non-musical related topics and his passion and convictions always prevailed!
I will miss Ted greatly!

This will be the first in a series of “Guitar Lessons”..!

My very first lesson with Ted was on January 13, 1983 and respectively my second lesson was on January 31, 1983. I have been quite fortunate to still have these sheets archived for safe keeping after all these years, yes the pages have yellowed over time but their condition is surprisingly excellent.

**I had been playing rock, metal and classical for about 7 years and Ted thought my technique and comprehension was advanced enough to grasp the harmonic and chordal concepts presented to me! (although I did not have a clue… LOL)

I equate the experience of being privileged enough to study with Mr. Ted Greene as epic as it might have been to study physics with Albert Einstein, Art with Picasso or Rembrandt or even sharing the piano bench with Mozart, Beethoven or Bach..!

My “first guitar lesson with Ted Greene” on January 13, 1983…
This is one of the very first lesson sheets that I have been graced with on my first day with Ted.

Learning the Basic Chord Forms:Root in Bass Voicings – Ted Greene
Dan Sindel - first guitar lesson with Ted Greene” on January 13, 1983

To see the full lesson sheet either click the thumbnail or

click here to go directly to my site

The concept is very straight forward and simple (playing all the different shapes is not so easy but the practical knowledge is rudimentary)…

What always amazed me about being in Ted’s presence was that not only did he have the ‘head knowledge’ down to a science,  he could literally play any chord shape and invert it’s voicing frontward, backwards , sideways and upside down without even blinking!!! All the while, the way he played the chords Ted would just emit the most wonderful tones anyone could ever coax out of a guitar..!

Ted would start out with one “nucleus” shape and then show all the different permutations of the shape and it was my job as the “student” to pencil in the ‘degree of scale’ be it the Root of the chord, major/minor 3rd, 5th, Maj 7/Dom7 etc… And name the chord appropriately.

It was quite the challenge to complete the excercise and if you the ‘practicing musician’ choose to go to my site and print the lesson sheet and study the concept it would be well worth the time and effort.


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