Dan Sindel – Podcast #2 – Airplay In Australia is now available

29 11 2006

Dan Sindel – Podcast #2 – Airplay In Australia is now available for download!

Dan Sindel_Airplay In Auutralia


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Welcome to “Symphonic Guitars” podcast#2.

Today we take a trip to the “Land Down under where it was an exciting day as tracks from my collection of “Guitar Driven Classics” were played live on BayFM 99.9 Byron Bay, Australia – www.bayfm.org

For your listening pleasure I pulled these 3 “spotlight segments” from the archives as this show dates back to September 28th, 2005

The featured tracks are
* Edvard Grieg – Anitra’s Dance
* Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons – The Spring
* Ludwig Van Beethoven’s – Moonlight Sonata

On Air personalities Peter & Karena Wynn-Moylan host the popular show “Arts Canvass” every Thursday at 9am -11am. Keeping you up to date with all regional (Byron Bay, NSW, AU) arts news and info.

Thank you for listening and be sure to visit www.dansindel.us for Guitar Driven Classics – Mp3’s, Videos and More…

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