Benjamin Godard – Seconde Valse Brillante in Bb, Op. 56

20 11 2006

Hands down, My greatest musical influence is my Mom who is quite the accomplished Classical Pianist. As I was rummaging through an old box of her sheet music I happened to stumble upon this selection that she had prepared for recital at age 10. After requesting a “walk down memory lane” she agreed to play the piece on the piano and it became evident that in tribute this would be my “next project”..!

Here is the premiere of Seconde Valse Brillante in Bb, Op. 56.
You should appreciate this as it is a 3/4 time waltz, of course it has all the fuzzy Line6 tones that modernize this selection in a very strange way…

About the project::
This recording project was quite interesting as I had never played a waltz before. I had to analyze the 4 part harmonic structure of the piece and logically break the right and left hand piano parts into smaller sub-sections and then decide on what type of guitar tones would best bring out the lines.
In most instances, especially on the solo lines I had tracked the part a minimum of 5 times to get a thick orchestrated sound.

The piece was divided into five main sections and on the last section I made a dramatic interpretation in slowing the tempo to half time from 138 bpm to 69 bpm which created a somewhat eerie, vertigo effect.
At any given point in the track you will be hearing a culmination of at least 60 to 70 tracks of guitar..!

On this selection I exclusively used “MAGGIE” which is “Hand Built” by Willys Custom Guitar Repair and the Line6 Flextone3 XL amp…

About Benjamin Godard::

Benjamin GodardGodard was born August 18, 1849, at Paris, and died at Cannes, January 10, 1895. He studied at the Paris Conservatoire under Reber (harmony) and Vieuxtemps (violin). He accompanied Vieuxtemps twice to Germany, and also devoted himself to chamber music. He composed music with great facility, and, indeed, his work suffers at times from a lack of careful revision. Nevertheless he gradually obtained recognition. In 1876 his concerto Romantique was performed at the Concerts Populaires, and other works of large dimensions were also performed at these concerts. In 1878 Godard’s name was bracketed with that of Dubois, the present head of the Conservatoire in Paris, as winner in a musical competition instituted by the municipality of Paris. this composition, a dramatic symphony entitled Tasso, is perhaps his most important work. His also composed other symphonic work, ballets, concertos, and overtures. As a composer of opera he was only moderately successful, the best known of his works being Jocelyn, from which the beautiful Berceuse has become so popular. Godard is probably best known as a writer of salon music, much of which has become extremely popular. Among his piano pieces may be mentioned the second Mazurka, the second Valse, Au Matin, Postillon, En Courant, En Train and Les Hirondelles. Florian’s Song is also very popular in many arrangements

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