Symphonic Guitars..! Podcast #1 -“Excerpts From Handel’s Messiah”

18 11 2006

Dan Sindel Podcast #1 -“Excerpts From Handel’s Messiah”

Symphonic Guitars..!
Dan Sindel, a “One Man” Orchestra recreates Orchestral Scores by transposing and transcribing the compositions to fit the guitars tonal range…. Hundreds of layered guitar tracks create a massive electric guitar “Wall of Sound”. Very unique!

Dan’s 2006 demo release “Excerpts From Handel’s Messiah” is comprised of almost 500 individual guitar tracks (Electric, Acoustic, Nylon, 12 String and Bass guitars) In an adventurous interpretation of George Frideric Handel’s most famous Oratorio “The Messiah”…

“Excerpts From Handel’s Messiah” is now available in various podcast formats…
* Apple’s iTunes Enhanced Podcast or Mp3 Podcast
* Click here to Download Mp3
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